When Food is Life! From Hong Kong to Bali with Stopover in Singapore. We believe when you travel, there’s no better way to connect with people, than through food. Hong Kong is paradise when it comes to Street Food and local specialties. A must do is an exciting Food Tour with Ashley. We explored *Lin Heung Kui* an old tea house with traditional Dim Sum, at *Tsim Chai Kee Noodle Shop*, we tried the signature shrimp Wonton and of course many more fascinating places. We love the incredible diversity of Hong Kong; Man Mo temple surrounded by sky-rise buildings. The Central – Mid-Levels Escalator, is the world's longest outdoor covered escalator system, stretching for over 800-metres and rising 135-metres through the streets of Hong Kong Island. Our personal Highlight was the Cat Street, next to Man Mo temple, a street full of treasures, antique dealers, Chinese culture and art galleries.

Next Destination: The Island of the Gods– Bali! There is so much to see and discover on this magnificent island, from never-ending beaches, exotic food and beautiful sunsets. We enjoyed on the first day a Homestyle meal prepared by Dotty our host consisting of a spicy vegetables salad, spicy chicken curry, tofu&tempe with chillies and a lovely fresh fruit salad as desert. On our way to her house we passed Seminiak, Kuta and rural rice fields. Back home we appreciated a stunning sunset at the Uluwatu Temple, one of six key temples believed to be Bali's spiritual pillars. We absolutely recommend the Ritz Carlton Bali in Nusa Dua, surrounded by palm trees, monkeys and a spectacular beach.

Last stop: Singapore! A vibrant international city with European flair.

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When travelling in Asia, don't miss the variety of food!

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Street food tour in Hong Kong. Stunning sunset at the Uluwatu Temple (Bali).

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